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International cooking - Food recipes
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New easy Food recipes from all over the world, discover how chicken is cooked in many different places on earth, international cooking

albania-flag  Albanian cuisine food recipes Many of the dishes of the Albanian cuisine is typical of the Balkans and the Mediterranean. However, there are also traditional dishes like Fergese (fricassee) Tirana (with lamb or beef) and Elbasan (with peppers), the qofte te ferguara (fried meatballs)
Armenia-flag  Armenian food recipes Armenia is is well known around the world for its spicy Armenian cuisine
Brazil-flag  Brazilian cusine recipes The Brazilian cuisine is unexpectedly delicious. Here the element that makes the difference is the spices.
china-flag  Chinese food recipes Looking for Chinese food recipes? Chinese cuisine is an ancient art and ranks as one of the best in the world. World Famous chinese Recipes.
cyprus-flag  Cyprus recipes Having fairly common in Greek cuisine, but also exploiting its unique position at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Middle East, has added many exotic flavors make the dishes, one of the most popular and richest in the world. Recipes from heaven.
egypt-flag  Egyptian Easy recipes The Egyptian recipes are well known for there flavor and use fresh ingredients (fruits and vegetables). The basis of nutrition in every Arab is a bread called Aish (meaning "life"), which is a dark version of our cake to skewer.
france-flag  French easy recipes The French cuisine is remarkable diversity with many major regional differences based on production and gastronomy of each region.
germany-flag  German cuisine recipes Traditional German cuisine, with an emphasis on Bavarian dishes. Try the marinated fillets, sausages and Frankfurt or any other German food recipe
greece-flag  Greek Recipes Greek Food Cooking Recipes. Learn how to cook Greek food. The traditional cuisine of Greece, is a typical Mediterranean cuisine.
india-flag  Indian food recipes Indian food is one of the most exotic cooking in the world - Authentic Indian Recipes from every part of India and from around the world, recipes for sweets, snacks, soups, rice, roti, dosas, curry, vegetables, chicken, mushroom and more
israel-flag  Israel Recipes Israel cousine recipes divided in two: The Ashkenazic and Sephardic. Ashkenazic related to Jewish people (immigrants) from east and west Europe and Sephardic relates to Jewish people from middle east countries. Israel cousine is spicy & herbs & sweet.
italy-flag  Italian Recipes Delicious Italy food, Collection of regional Italian recipes such as pizzas, varied in nature and is world famous for its cultural difference and diversity.
japan-flag  Jananese food recipes Japanese cuisine is a reflection of the country
korea-flag  Korean Recipes  In Korea, rice is served at every meal
mexico-flag  Mexican food recipes Mexican food recipes for all the family. Cook easy Mexican cuisine food including instructions pictures of food and bevarages
lebanon-flag  Recipes from lebanon The Lebanese cuisine is the most important influence on the exotic cuisine recognized internationally as a modern Arabic cuisine. Lebanese recipes are very popular in Europe.
russia-flag  Russian food cuisine recipes Russia is a patchwork of ethnic groups, because the Russian cuisine is a delightful mixture of foods representing different traditions.
spanish-flag  Spanish food recipes The simplicity of spanish cusine make it easy to cooked global. In this webpage we provide a wide selection from the best spanish recipes.
Thailand-flag  Thailand food easy recipes The main characteristic of Thai cuisine is the fiery "colors" of the chili-pepper-hot, but may parallax and adapt to our individual preferences. In contrast to western cuisine, there is no division into first and second plates.
Turkey-flag  Turkish easy recipes The Turkish cuisine includes a wide variety of recipes and cooking method varies from region to region. It is also one of the most refined and healthy cuisines of the world.
uk-england-flag  UK English Recipes English cuisine is not limited to puddings, roast beef and a cake. try to cook the original British recipes and you will love it.
USA-flag  USA American cuisine recipes Try the best USA American recipes found and cook the most taste food. Americas recipes traditional foods in style

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Appetizers recipes
Appetizers should be your first dish before the main dish make sure is impressive

Arabic recipes
Arabic cuisine is becoming increasingly known and Arabic restaurants

BBQ recipes
May cook in the coals or gas, indicated for all meats, poultry, fish and for vegetables

Beef and veal recipes
Cook Beef and veal recipes for your main meal to satisfy your visitors

Bread recipes
Easy bread recipes to make such as Arabic bread, beer bread and more

Chicken recipes
Chicken recipes are cooked in many ways such as with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, onions or eggs

Christmas recipes
Christmas starts at the beginning of November; Christmas cakes and all other Christmas recipes

Cocktails recipes
Impress your friends making offering refreshing cocktails and drinks

Confectionery and Sweets
For all those who lovesweets; delicious cakes, delicious cookies, pies and a lot more

Desserts recipes
Various recipes for your enjoyment including desserts, ice-cream, beverages and breads.

Easter recipes
Easter recipes are uniqe; some easy recipes for this period - good luck and a happy Easter!

Easy recipes
Easy recipes all cases and conditions for your guests

Exotic recipes
The atmosphere, colors, hospitality and exotic recipes will lead you into an empire of pleasures

Fast food quickly recipes
Fast food quickly recipes; Cook your own fast food in minutes

Fruit recipes
Recipes from Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins and minerals, water and cellulose

Healthy recipes
Healthy recipes will help you eat healthy and lose some weight at the same time

Hot and spicy recipes
Find the hot and spicy recipe that suits you: mild hot, hot or simply very hot.

Pasta recipes
Pasta recipes tell from hundreds of shapes beyond imagination, creativity and taste

Pork recipes
Easy and tasty recipes based on pork include appetizers, first courses and second courses

Potatoes recipes
Original and delicious recipes for fried potatoes, boiled, psites, stuffed presented in this category

Poultry recipes give your chicken, duck, turkey or other poultry a special taste

Rice recipes
Wonderful collection of rice recipes gives rice a new role - no longer supporting plate, but first role

Salads and Dips recipes
Recipes for accompanying your food of salads and dips

Sea food recipes
All species of fish and shellfish, octopus and shrimp - all sead food recipes

Soups recipes
Soups are considerd a very nutritious and healthy meal, some of which can be very quickly cooked.

Vegetarian recipes
Vegeterian food recipes exclude meat and fish and add milk, eggs, honey and fat of plant origin